Scrap Foam Crusher Applications
Powerful crusher for Scrap PU foam
Mutiple functions for crushing :Magnetic material, Plastic, EVA, PU Foam

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For all kinds of high and low density foam, foam leather scrap, cleaning cloth, waste cloth, bra foam and other waste polyurethane elastomer, rubber, plastic rubber elastomer, they can be crushed to Φ5-Φ50, which recycled as material of mattress, sofa, filing, vibraction, noise insulation, etc.
High density foam can be crushed into below Φ2mm, to produce a new hi-poly shoe pad instead of eva shoe pad, with features of shock absorption, breathability, moisture absorption, perspiration.
It is widely used for grinding and fining other material, such as soft/hard plastic, packages, sheets, coils, woods, electronic material, magnetic material, iron rubber block, etc.

It is widely used for shredding compressed foam, wasted foam, printed circuit board, household appliances, solid plastic, large caliber pipe, compressed film, paper, fiber, woods, metal, medical waste, municipal solid waste, waste tires, etc;
With integral type blades design, high torque reducer and import bearings, the machines are high efficient, stable and long lifespan;
Aims on large pieces of foam, large compressed sponge block, foam rolls, foam balls, foam clothes, cloth rolls and waste foam etc.
Two axes crusher crusher machine can crush them directly to 5-20mm. The capacity could reach to 1500-3000kgs/h

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