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Polyurethane auxiliary materials supplier
PU Foam color paste
Regular PU foam colorant and customized color
PU Foam Cutting Machine Blade
Standard size of Foam cutting machine blade
Kraft paper PE film
Kraft paper PE film for PU foaming line
Scrap Foam Crushing Machine
Powerfu PU foam crushing machine with circulating water cooling system
Rebonded Foam Glue Adhesive
Specially used in making re-bonded foam
Scrap foam
Various density scrap foam


One-stop supply for Polyurethane auxiliary materials and Foam cutting machine spare parts. Which include: Polyurethane sponge colorant (PU color paste), Amine catalysts, Antioxidant, PU additives, Foam cutting blade, Blade grinding wheel, and so on

PU Foam machinery service. Foaming formula developping service


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From Polyurethane Equipments to Material, from Machine spare part to Auxiliary materials, from Foam formula to developping new PU products, Reho is your reliable partner

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105gsm peelable PE coated Kraft paper

37KW 4 Row Fixed Blades Powerful Crushing Machine with Circulating Water Cooling System