RG601 Polyurethane Adhesive Glue for Making Rebonded Foam
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Modified MDI, is a mixture of polyol-modified diphenylmethane diisocyanate and polyphenylmethane polyisocyanate. It is a transparent liquid at room temperature. It can be mainly used in the production of rebounded foam.  For the flexible polyurethane foam pieces, it has strong adhesive force, this adhesive production is to create a range of densities of the flexible polyurethane foam. With  fast curing speed ,non-toxic ,easy operation, economical and passed by SGS.

Glue Parameter
Name: Rebonded glue
Model: RG601
Applications: Rebonded foam & Rebonded rubber
Main raw material: MDI
Color: Transparent
Viscosity @ 25℃ mPa.s: 1200-1400
Character: Weak Oder
Steam condition: Yes & No

Application:Producing re-bonded foam
Moisture happens easily and leads to the formation of insoluble ureas and carbon dioxide gas, which can result in pressure build-up in closed containers and viscosity increase of the product.Containers must therefore be absolutely dry and carefully sealed after congested with nitrogen.Containers of RG#601 should be kept properly closed and stored indoors at ambient temperatures (15-25 ℃ )in a well-ventilated area. Storage at low temperatures (below 10℃) may lead to some crystallization; this material must, therefore, be protected from frost. If crystallization does occur, the material should be heated to 70-80℃ to melt it out, strictly prohibit to heat over at local part and should then be thoroughly agitated before use.

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