Blades Used in Foam Cutting Machine
High quality alloyed tool steel to make high quality blade
Import steel from Japan Germany Switzerland
High Quality Blade Used in Foam Cutting Machine
Imported Steel from Japan Germany Switdzerland
Polyurethane Foam Cutting Machine Blade

Reho cooperates with blade company to offer foam factories high quality cutting machine blades. Our foam cutting machine Blades are made of Alloyed tool steel, in order to enlonger the blade spanlife, we use imported steel from Japan, Germany and Switzerland.
Customer could choose any materials mentioned above and OEM appointed dimension of blades.
Regular size of foam cutting machine as below:

Profile Cutting Machine Vertical Cutting Machine Horzontal Cutting Machine Carousel Cutting Machine
9900*30*0.45mm 10000*30*0.45mm 8700*30*0.45mm 8750*50*0.45mm
*Customzied size: L(2000~10000)*W(20~32)*T(0.45~0.65)mm; Optional steel: From Japan, Gernmany, Switzerland

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