How to choose an automation sponge foaming machine?
In the system of sponge foaming machine, inverter and mixer head are the important devices. Inverter’s main function is to make the material flow control, speed control and width adjustment, sponge side chain plate and the bottom plate of the chain cutting, sponge after delivery, it controls the whole foam machinery automation operation to make it called an automatic sponge foaming machine.
In general, the plant produces sponges with up to no more than 12 raw materials and is stored in 12 different control tanks. Since the raw materials used for each sponge are different, the corresponding raw materials are determined when the type of sponge is determined. At this point, the raw material into the tank, and open the corresponding mixing pump, stirring, and then set the corresponding frequency converter.
Delivery of various materials is controlled by the inverter feed pump sponge foaming machine speed to achieve, its working principle is: the flow of raw materials related to the feeding pump rotation speed, rotation speed of pump and the raw materials can be adjusted by changing the frequency of the frequency converter.

According to the actual experience value of the project, the flow rate of the raw material pump of the foam sponge machine and the frequency of the transducer correspond to each other. The frequency of the raw material can be determined by setting the frequency of the transducer at one time. The control scheme does not need tedious operation, thus reducing the work intensity of the worker, and the requirement of the operation worker is not high, and the operation is convenient.